Arno Solin

Artificial intelligence refers to intelligent behaviour demonstrated by machines. Humans or animals have natural intelligence, while machines have artificial intelligence. A ‘machine’ in this context may be a robot, car, computer, or any device, like a smartphone. A researcher in machine learning develops and researches methods and algorithms that can learn to adopt to observed data and make decisions or predictions for unseen inputs.

Dr Arno Solin works as Assistant Professor in Machine Learning at the Department of Computer Science at Aalto University. He is also an Academy of Finland Research Fellow, holds the title of Docent at Tampere University, and is the coordinating professor of the deep learning program at the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI). During his career, he has worked as a visiting researcher at University of Cambridge, University of Sheffield, and Uppsala University. His research focus is on uncertainty quantification and developing more efficient machine learning methods. The application areas are in real-time probabilistic inference, computer vision, and sensor fusion.