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Welcome to the “Meet A Researcher” service by Young Academy Finland!This service aims to make researchers’ school visits as easy as possible, regardless of geography or financial resources. The service also provides researchers with an accessible channel to take part in science education.In the service, the teacher can apply for a researcher for his class to support the teaching and deepen the topics covered. The service’s researcher pool currently includes around 500 researchers from various disciplines. The free-of-charge service can be used throughout the academic year in different parts of Finland. More than 10,000 students are annually served. The service offers researchers an easy way to social interaction. In particular, researchers in the early stages of their careers gain valuable experience as bridge builders between the research and school worlds. At the same time, researchers also get to develop their science communication skills.The teacher specifies on the form for which lesson or course the visit is planned and what is the desired topic. In addition, the teacher specifies which virtual platform the student group uses. After registration, the service coordinator of Young Academy Finland searches for a suitable researcher from the researcher pool.From Autumn 2022 on, our service has also collected feedback from students. The feedback helps us develop the service and gives the students a voice in the development of the operation. On a Finnish School Grading scale (from 4 to 10), students have rated Meet a Researcher Service as close to excellent (average score of c. 8,3/10, N>900)!You can find separate enrollment forms for schools/teachers and researchers and feedback forms in the links above. Also, please take a look at our video, where researchers, teachers, and students tell what they got from the service.

This service was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture, Finnish National Agency for Education, and the Academy of Finland. The service is funded by a grant from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

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The service is based on the global Skype a Scientist service.