Heikki Mäntysaari

My research interests are between particle and nuclear physics. I study the
structure of nuclear matter and strong interactions at high energies, where the
densities of fundamental constituents of matter, quarks and gluons, in the
nucleus become extremely large. At such a high densities, non-linear phenomena
become relevant. In my research, I concentrate on the properties of such a
dense nuclear matter. This research teaches us about the properties of the
quantum chromodynamics, the quantum field theory describing strong interactions
between the fundamental building blocks of matter. My research is connected to
experimental studies at e.g. CERN, where the production of ‘’hot’ nuclear
matter, the so called quark gluon plasma is experimentally studied in lead-lead
collisions. I also study physics related to the future Electron Ion Collider to
be constructed in the US. There is also a connection to cosmology: the universe
consisted of quark gluon plasma just a tiny moment after the Big Bang. My
research is supported by the Academy of Finland (personal postdoctoral fellow
grant 2018-2021).