Juho Aalto

Climate change, air quality, biodiversity loss, natural resource management. Humankind is in the middle of broad and complex net of wicked problems, which calls for holistic, multi- and interdisciplinary view from researchers. Atmospheric and earth system researchers work in the core of that bundle of problems, where basic research smoothly overlaps with applied research and innovations. For example biogenic hydrocarbon emissions can be harnessed for climate change mitigation, if the dynamics and processes of biogenic hydrocarbon sources are well understood and there is enough knowledge on managing them. My own research is concentrated on the sources and dynamics of reactive hydrocarbons in boreal forests. In addition to that, I’m involved in plant and soil gas-exchange, carbon balance and other ecophysiology research, as well as in many other atmospheric and biogeochemical cycle research.

My background is in forest sciences. I’m working as a post-doc researcher in Institute for atmospheric and earth system research (INAR), in University of Helsinki. My workplace is at SMEAR II, which is the most extensive and diverse continuously working station monitoring the interactions between ecosystem and atmosphere, located at the Hyytiälä forestry field station, in Juupajoki.