Milla Uusitupa

My research interests lie in the fields of grammar of spoken language, Finnish and Karelian dialects, and other Finnic languages. In my doctoral dissertation (Open person constructions in Border Karelian dialects, 2017), I studied the open usage of second and third person singular clauses in Border Karelian dialects, which form an inter-dialect area between Eastern Finnish dialects and Karelian language. Open – or referentially impersonal – person constructions resemble other person constructions formally but do not refer to any specific individual but more openly to the experience of human referent in situation described.

Since August 2019, I am working as a postdoctoral researcher in KATVE-project (2018–2022), which focuses on Karelian variety spoken in the Tver region, near Moscow. My research questions are related to person marking, finiteness, impersonality, and modality. I am also interested in the connection between language and society and I have studied the history of multilingualism in Border Karelian context in recently published volume Voices from the East. Perspectives on multilingualism in Eastern Finland (SKS, 2020).