Tiina Paloniitty

I am legal scholar from University of Helsinki, specialized in environmental and sustainability law. I have probed the science and law interface: I have studied, for example, the role of law in the socio-ecological natural resources paradigm and scientific uncertainties in the adjudication of nature conservation matters. My work is often theoretical, at times methodological but always impact-driven. Examining questions of science and law has led me to comparative environmental law. The diversity of administrative-legal systems has highlighted the importance of meticulously analysing legal cultures and processes for they are critical in solving both of our sustainability crises. Dynamics of power in societies are fascinating and varied, especially if viewed through the lens of science, technology, and law studies.

My current work is twofold. First, I lead a work package and do research in multidisciplinary public-private research consortium CEIWA (2021-2023) that develops novel technologies for closed industrial water ecosystems and examines the role of regulation in creating and applying them. I lead the law and regulation team that studies the relations between technological innovations and law in Finland and elsewhere in Europe, and analyses the dynamics of EU and China as regulatory actors on the field. Second, I am researcher in a 2035Legitimacy consortium, funded by the Academy of Finland’s Strategic Research Council, examining the legitimacy of climate law. My role is to study access to information and justice in various European administrative and legal processes and to increase our understanding of dynamics of power and level of transparency in the Union decision-making relevant to climate change.