Visa Vesterinen

Finland has a long research tradition in the field of applied superconductivity. In superconducting materials electrical resistivity vanishes at ultralow temperatures near the absolute zero. In my experimental projects I focus on superconducting circuits and devices, which are fabricated with thin film techniques onto silicon chips in the clean room of Micronova, Espoo. Besides knowledge on classical electromagnetism and electronics, the work requires understanding of quantum phenomena. Throughout the years I have investigated various kinds of superconducting devices: ultra-sensitive magnetic field sensors, bolometers (i.e., radiation detectors), as well as quantum bits (qubits).

Currently I focus on Josephson parametric amplifiers for microwave frequencies. Supported by an Academy of Finland postdoctoral grant, I am aiming to find practical applications for them. The parametric amplifiers hold great potential as a part of quantum computers. The ultralow-noise amplifiers improve the fidelity of quantum state readout, which is done to find out the result of the algorithm running on the quantum computer.

I obtained my D. Sc. (Tech.) degree from Aalto University in 2015. I carry international experience from research visits to Delft University of Technology and to Chalmers University of Technology. I work as a Senior Scientist in the Microelectronics department of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. Home page: