Young Researchers as Knowledge Brokers

Young Academy Finland’s “Young Researchers as Knowledge Brokers” -project (2019-2020) aims at developing new approaches for organizing the coordination of knowledge exchange on the science-policy interface. Project is funded by Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation.

Project’s PI: Senior Advisor, PhD Candidate Katri Mäkinen-Rostedt, .

Upcoming Virtual Workshop: ”The Future of Independent Science Advice in the EU Ecosystem: How to make sure that research synthesis reports are read?”

Registrations for our May virtual Workshop on the research synthesis in the European Science Advice Ecosystem open now!

Corona update: workshops for Spring 2020 will be turned virtual

Young Academy Finland decided to cancel all its events planned for Spring 2020. This means that we are currently trying to look for possibilities turning […]

Young Academy Finland facilitated a workshop on ‘Innovative approaches to science advice’

Young Academy Finland held the second facilitated workshop of “Young Researchers as Knowledge Brokers” -project as part of the Future of Science Advice in Europe […]

The first workshop of “Young Researchers as Knowledge Brokers” -project innovated new approaches and identified gaps

As a kick-off event for “Young Researchers as Knowledge Brokers” -project, Sitra Foundation and Demos held a facilitated workshop in August 2019 for Finnish young […]


We have sent today on June 10th the invitations to all 18 European Young Academies to participate to our survey on activities that aim at […]

Project’s Steering Group

Academy Secretary, Adjunct Professor Jaakko Kuosmanen (Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, Science Advisory Mechanism of Finland SoFI -project)

Member of Finnish Parliament, researcher Atte Harjanne

Associate Professor Annalea Lohila (ICOS-Finland and Finnish Meteorological Institute)

MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen

Director, Adjunct Professor Päivi Tikka (Academy of Finland)

Secretary: Katri Mäkinen-Rostedt

Young Researchers as Knowledge Brokers -project 2019-2020

During 2019-2020, Young Academy Finland runs “Young Researchers as Knowledge Brokers” -project. Project is funded by Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation. Young Academy Finland’s “Young […]