Jaakko Hirvelä

My research belongs to a subfield of philosophy called epistemology. Epistemology seeks to answer questions that are linked to knowledge, such as “what is knowledge?”, “what is the scope of our knowledge?”, “what is rationality?”, “when is it correct to believe something?” and “is knowledge valuable in itself?” I have been particularly interested in the nature of knowledge, its logical properties, and its connections other concepts that are related to knowledge.

In my dissertation I examined the idea that knowledge requires that one is safe from error. I elaborated this condition, known as the safety condition and applied it to various epistemological problems, such as the problem of peer disagreement. Lately I have explored the relationship between virtue epistemological theories of knowledge and safety-based theories of knowledge, what kind of things cognitive abilities are, and the potential impact that the possibility of extended cognition could have on our knowledge. At the moment I work as a postdoctoral researcher in an ERC funded project, called ”Competence and Success in Epistemology and Beyond” at the University of Helsinki.

For more on my research see my personal web page.