Juli Mansnérus

I am a postdoctoral researcher in Medical and Biolaw at the University of Helsinki. My research interests relate to legal and ethical aspects of commercialization of new, innovative medical innovations and health technologies. My current research deals with commercialization strategy and market access aspects as well as with regulatory compliance issues of novel, personalized therapies. I am involved in the multidisciplinary DECIDER project that aims at developing diagnostic tools and treatments for high-grade serous ovarian cancer with the help of AI methods. Our project involves researchers from 14 EU-countries. The project’s aim is also to identify earlier those patients who do not respond well to the first-line treatments, and to find effective treatments to patients with a drug-resistant cancer. We also study the legal issues that impede or slow down the use of new treatments in order to facilitate and availability of personalized therapies in an ethically and legally sustainable manner. Besides law, I have gained some significant exposure to life sciences at the University of Edinburgh and been awarded a M.Sc. in Translational Medicine with Distinction. Thereafter, I have continued delving into the medical field. I have also practiced law as an attorney specializing in Intellectual Property Law and Life Sciences since 2008 and served as a Board Member in many different organizations. In 2019, the Finnish Bar Association awarded me a legal influencer nomination in the category “Young Attorney” and I was invited to join YAF.