Mona Mannevuo

I am an early-career researcher with a multidisciplinary academic background in the humanities and social sciences. In January 2021, I am starting as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS). My project Organising the Disorganised: Social Engineering in Post-War Finland, 1945–1955 sheds light on social engineering as a biopolitical tool for state planning, aimed at governing the health and vitality of the population through welfare management and a mechanical understanding of the working body. By means of a history-based analysis, the project contributes to the vivid discussion on the utilisation of neuroscientific and behavioural ideas in policy-making processes.

My peer-reviewed monograph Ihmiskone töissä. Sotienjälkeinen Suomi tehokkuutta tavoittelemassa was published by Gaudeamus in October 2020. In the book, I investigate how Finnish social engineers constructed the idea of the working body as a technical system that could be modulated and optimised to combat idleness, exhaustion and a disorganised will, the nemeses of modern industrial society. I am also a leader of the project Communication across borders: Shifting boundaries of politics, science and public relations funded by the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation and a columnist for Yle.