Samuli Junttila

The development of technology broadens the possibilities to observe the environment at wavelengths that are not detectable by the human eye. More accurate measuring methods enable the studying of various phenomena both in space and time. My research is motivated by a deeper understanding of the nature trough the utilization of novel remote sensing technologies, for example, laser scanners and satellites. In my doctoral dissertation, I developed new semi-automatic methods for measuring tree health and condition using multispectral laser scanning. In my current research project, I’m studying tree water dynamics and aiming at further understanding of the movement of water within the soil-tree-atmosphere continuum. The methods that I’m developing help to understand the effects of climate change on forest health and to predict the future development of forests.

Besides science, I’m also interested in creative science communication. I produced a music video about the results of my doctoral dissertation, which was awarded by the Science journal in 2020 with the “Dance your PhD”-award.

I have a PhD from forest sciences from the University of Helsinki and I’m currently working at the University of Eastern Finland as a postdoctoral researcher, where I’m advancing my 3-year research project, which is funded by the Academy of Finland.

Twitter: @SamuliJunttila


Picture: Mete Ufacik