Maryna Smahina will coordinate support for Ukrainian early-career researchers

Young Academy Finland has employed Maryna Smahina as a short-term project coordinator. Maryna will work part-time until 15 January, and her main task is to identify the current situation and needs of Ukrainian researchers who are residing in Finland, or who stayed in Ukraine but who may wish to receive support from Finland. The focus is especially on early-career researchers, and if possible during this short time frame, also on creating connections between Finnish and Ukrainian early-career researchers.

Maryna is a journalist, author, translator, and Master of International Relations, who arrived in Finland in April 2022. In Ukraine, she has been developing Solutions Journalism as an editor at the online publication and writing books for children and adults. Currently, she keeps writing, editing, and translating. Maryna’s combination of skills and networks will help Young Academy Finland find ways to assist and support researchers from Ukraine.

“As Ukrainians keep facing more and more challenges due to full-scale Russia’s invasion, it’s very important and kind of the international community and specifically Finland to offer help. Even under the circumstances Ukrainians have been forced into, we don’t give up and continue our lives: working, studying, and researching. I am very excited and grateful to be able to help identify the needs of Ukrainian researchers and show Young Academy Finland the current state of affairs and possible ways of assistance and support. It’s vital to keep Ukrainian science and research afloat and moving forward, and to create networks between the Ukrainian and international research communities. That’s how we win — uniting and strengthening with knowledge and support of each other,” Maryna says.