YAF’s video on the well-being of young Finns available now also with subtitles in English and Swedish

In October, Young Academy Finland published a video targeted at upper elementary schools and high schools, addressing the well-being of young Finns from many different perspectives. This week, which is celebrated as a national mental health awareness week in Finland, we have published new versions of the video.

Now the video is available on our Youtube channel also with subtitles in English and Swedish. The video provides food for thought and insights into topics that could be discussed in class, for example in the context of psychology or health education. The themes include promoting well-being in school environments, mental health challenges faced by sexual and gender minorities, and the relationship between social media use and mental health. The video features Lauri Hietajärvi, Maarit Lassander, Eino Partanen, and Katariina Salmela-Aro as research experts. The video is published by the Young Academy Finland in cooperation with the Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letters. See the videos on our channel and below: