Inspiring Examples of Public Engagement by European Young Academies

In the Annual Meeting of European Network of Young Academies (May 7-8, 2021), European young academies gathered to a virtual meeting to share best practices and ideas, to plan future collaboration, and to discuss science for policy and policy for science. As part of the meeting, the young academies shared their recent work on global challenges and public engagement. Here are just a couple examples of the inspiring and thought-provoking work done by our sister academies.

Before the Scottish elections, the Young Academy of Scotland launched a Charter for Responsible Debate where it proposes nine general principles for responsible public debate. The Charter is available online, and the names of those signing it are displayed publicly.

In the COVID-19 Blog of the Young Academy of Scotland, the members YAS members have been analysing how the pandemic has affected different people, places, professions and practices: “From healthcare to democracy, refugee communities to research groups, we have looked not only at the impact so far but also at what changes in behaviour and practice might result or be required. These blogs are designed to be forward-looking, presenting a series of recommendations which we hope policy-makers and practitioners will consider as we learn lessons from the pandemic and pull together across Scotland to build a healthier, more equal and sustainable future.”

The Sustainability working group of Die Junge Akademie, the young academy of Germany, published last year a Proposal for promoting sustainability in academia through the reduction of travel.

The Young Academy of the Netherlands compiled an overview of what universities currently do related to CO2 emissions, focussing on flying behaviour. The overview encompasses a list of recommendations.

The Young Academy of Sweden formed a project to write a children’s book Forskardrömmer. The target audience consists of children between 9 and 12. The book is intended to show that many different types of children can become researchers.

Finally, Young Academy Finland proudly presented its Meet a Researcher Service with the help of our recent video clip in English.