Our new science education video encourages women and girls to pursue careers in science

The video is available also with subtitles in English!


11 February is the UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science and Technology. To mark the day, the Young Academy Finland has released an educational video to encourage women and girls to pursue careers in science. The video looks at the reasons why science has been perceived as a cavalcade of great men and reflects on gender equality in research. In addition to historical examples, today’s women scientists talk about their career paths and the challenges they face in the world of science. The video is suitable for students in secondary schools and upper secondary schools, especially for lessons in history and natural sciences. The duration of the video is approximately 15 minutes and the video is available with subtitles in Finnish and English.

The video features members of the Young Academy Finland, Assistant Professor of Forestry Lilli Kaarakka and Professor of Mathematical Physics Eveliina Peltola, Media History Researcher Heidi Kurvinen, who is also a member of the Meet a Researcher pool, and Professor of Quantum Physics Päivi Törmä. The video is scripted by Kaisa J. Raatikainen, member of the Board of YAF, and the working group also includes board member Saana Jukola and Young Academy Finland’s coordinators Riikka Hiltunen and Kim Krappala.

The video is produced in cooperation with the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. The video is part of a series linked to calendar days, produced with the support of the Niilo Helander Foundation.

Previous parts of the series were published in 2022 for Minna Canth/Equality Day (19 March), Finnish Nature Day (last Saturday in August) and World Mental Health Day (10 October).

Watch the video on YouTube or below: